2021 Play the Fool International Short Film Festival

Congratulations to our 12 official selections and prize-winning 2-minute films.

With over 200 films submitted, and nearly 80 on the long-list, competition was fierce! Official selections and prizes are determined by an independent jury of peers and experts.

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Opéra dans mon salon (Parlor Opera House)

Jury's Choice Play the Fool Film Festival Laurel Image
Jury’s Choice
Artists' Choice
Artists’ Choice

Gérome Barry and Charles Jaeger – Paris, France

A quarantined Parisian attends the opera in his own flat.

FB: @geromebarryfilmmaker  | IG: geromebarry


Leila Ahang, Sara Hanif, Maryam Alavi, Marziyeh Kordloo – Tehran, Iran

A restless fish named Moslem half asleep on a seeweed is startled by a luminous ring.



Dayna Lea Hoffmann and Jan Henderson – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada/amiskwaciwâskahikan

Ernie and Ghetti, a gripping tale of love, loss, and appetite.

IG: arcenicat


Sun non flower

Reza Sarbakhsh – Tehran, Iran

Sunflower needs Sun but what happens when Clouds get in the way?


Onion v.s. The C-lownavirus

Meegan Sweet – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada/amiskwaciwâskahikan

Cooped up far too long during the C-lownavirus pandemic, Onion foolishly goes outside.

IG: mothsocks

Behind The Scenes

Emily Shordon, Amy L. Wright, Daniel Ravanelli, Patrick Paguio, Elliott Holland-Crouch – Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Fjord, a battle-hardened hunter, prepares for his most glorious fight yet – the client.



Red Nose Award Laurel
Best of the Fest

Helena Bittencourt & Goos Meeuwsen – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Surreal comedy of a married couple of performers who find their house invaded by their alter egos.


Whose Chair

Mik Kuhlman & Hilary Chaplain – New York City, U.S.A.

Silent comedy where two people vie for the same chair.


Ballet Class: At Home Edition

Anastasia Maywood – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada/amiskwaciwâskahikan

Interpretation of a ballet class through the eyes of a fool.



Clare Mullen – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada/amiskwaciwâskahikan

Something is lurking in the woods. Can our hero survive this horrible ordeal?

W: scenicrouteentertainment.ca


Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Sane

Nick Hales – Bristol, United Kingdom

The decline of a worker over lockdown caught in just 60 seconds. A story that may, or may not echo my own days of the Covid pandemic in front of the computer screen…

W: flatbadger.co.uk | IG: flatbadger_animation



Golden Nose Award Laurel
Best of Edmonton/Amiskwaciwâskahikan

Abby McDougall – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada/amiskwaciwâskahikan

Tot just wants to go to sleep after a long day but her busy, unwanted thoughts seem to get in the way.



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