Thanks to our sponsors, funders, and all the people who help us Play the Fool.

Sponsors & Funders

The Play the Fool Festival is supported by the Edmonton Arts Council and the City of Edmonton.

Hit That Jive Productions is supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Government of Alberta.


EPCOR says we’ve got Heart+Soul! We are happy to receive funding from the EPCOR Heart+Soul Fund to Play the Fool this year.

• The Heart + Soul Fund by EPCOR was created to support organizations that bring joy to our community and provide a lifeline to those hardest hit by COVID-19.
• It is designed to help the arts community and charitable organizations build resilience and deliver programming that uplifts Edmontonians.
• Play the Fool is made possible in part through support from the Heart + Soul Fund by EPCOR
• Learn more at


The Great Balanzo presents Circus-to-Go, delivering quality shows in parks & yards, on streets, and almost anywhere!


Anastasia Maywood

Beth Dart

Candice Stollery

Daniel Katz

Dennis Kiraly

Gerry & Barbara Sinn

Jude Keefe

Karen Fox

Marty Honig

Meredith Gordon

Renita Lowry

Saskia Aarts

The OT Debrief group

Tim Marriott

and thank-you to our anonymous donors

Thank You!

Aytahn Ross

Beth Dart

Beth Wishart MacKenzie

Chris Dela Cruz

Geraldine Carr

Jaimie Lievers

John Marian

Katie Parent

Shelley Switzer

Shreela Chakrabartty

Tanzi Reule

Trent Crosby

Tynan Boyd