18+ Triple Bill

18+ Triple Bill

60 mins 18+

Fruitbowl – Cabaret Calgary Productions with Valour & Tea

AGES 18+ – 20 mins

Created and Performed By: Bella Bizarre, Miss Randi Lee, Val Halah and Bitch Sassidy

Comedy burlesque with the joyous perversion of a pubescent boy. A fruitful tease from Cabaret Calgary Productions in collaboration with comedy duo, Valour and Tea. Take a bite.

www.cabaretcalgary.com | Photo By: Rob Berrade

The Performance – Edmonton

AGES 18+ – 15 mins

Created and Performed By: Candace Berlinguette and Michael Kennard

A down and out pianist and singer attempt to regain their former glory. Candace Berlinguette is a theatre creator, actor, producer and teacher. Michael Kennard is an award winning theatre creator and one half of the clown duo Mump and Smoot.

The Daily Deal with Lady – Edmonton

AGES 18+ – 15 mins

Created and Performed By: Lindsay Ruth Hunt
Directed By: Christine Lesiak

Lady launches her career as a home-shopping network celebrity! Join her live in-studio audience and prepare to be wowed. And to buy her much-sought-after product. Lindsay Ruth Hunt has a background in improvisational theatre and sketch comedy, including being a founding member of both The General Fools and Uberkill.