ABC (Anything But COVID)

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ABC (Anything But COVID)

Liverpool, United Kingdom

“It's like nothing you have seen before, or will see again unless you re-visit an Ugly Bucket production”

North West End
9 min 16+ Pay what you can, watch on demand Included as part of our Signal Boost program. PWYC prices are in British Pound Sterling. All proceeds go to HOME Manchester. Requires free registration.

Ugly Bucket Theatre

A 9-minute film commissioned by HOME Manchester. Watch the trailer, then click the button below to watch the whole film.

Ugly Bucket is an award winning physical comedy company based in Liverpool. We’re serious about silliness, and combine clowning, music and verbatim to tackle taboo topics head on. Ugly Bucket website

Feeling unproductive?

Are you sure you’re trying hard enough?

Luckily, Ugly Bucket’s step by step guide will show you how to make the most of your time in lockdown.

‘A mix of self-help video and disturbing twisted fable, Ugly Bucket’s latest creation…provides more insight on loneliness, fear, and uncertainty than a whole month of government briefings. A piece which is also amusingly mimed and creatively filmed.’ Lou Reviews