All-Ages Spectacular!

All-Ages Spectacular!

60 mins All-ages

The Great Balanzo! – Edmonton

ALL AGES – 15 mins

Created and Performed By: Aytahn Ross

The Great Balanzo turns the everyday into an adventure with a special blend of circus & comedy loved by all. He’s performed at Just for Laughs, performed for the Governor General of Canada, and once John Cleese from Monty Python said “Hello” to him!

The Ron Pearson Magic Show – Edmonton

ALL AGES – 30 mins

Created and Performed By: Ron Pearson

Step back to the days of vaudeville and silent movies with The Ron Pearson Magic Show! A unique performance in the tradition of the magicians of the Golden Era of Magic, Ron performs silently accompanied by the Big Band music of the 1930’s. A fun and amazing show that the entire family will love!

Ron Pearson has made his living as a magician, actor and writer for over 30 years. He has performed at the Royal National Theatre in London, England and Carnegie Hall in New York City. The Globe and Mail has called his magic, “Brilliant”, and the Edmonton Journal has said he performs, “Mind-Boggling Sleight of Hand.”