Clown Shorts 2

Clown Shorts 2

60 mins 16+

Alternative Science – Edmonton

Written by: Dustin Allen / Dezi DeHaan Performed by: Dustin Allen

Dr. Professor Lavernius Cumquat unveils legitimate facts to halt the lurking dangers of social, political, and environmental “progress”

The Closet of Olfactory Sorrow and Great Fanny Anguish – Edmonton

A clown struggles with the social norms of public washrooms.

Written and performed by: Megan Verbeek Directed by:Adam Keefe

Ahhh… The public restroom: a necessity, an ubiquitous installation, and a sanctuary for our most private deeds. Pop!, the Queen of Mexican Cuisine, must make a hasty retreat to the nearest porcelain throne. But, when other people discover her gastrointestinal distress, it’s hard for her to “relax”. Will this pass? Will there be enough toilet paper? WILL SHE HAVE TO FLUSH TWICE?!

And How Do You Feel About That – Innocent Operations, Edmonton

An “exploration” of mental “health” in the “style” of “bouffon”.

Written and performed by: Alex Dawkins and Jake Tkaczyk

Stage managed by: Louise Mallory