60 mins All-ages

Chris & Travis – Vancouver

Award-winning improvised comedy, performed entirely in an unrecognizable language made up on the spot.

Written and performed by: Chris Ross and Travis Bernhardt

Chris and Travis scribble outside the lines of improv comedy with their high energy, hilarious, and surreal two-man show. Their extreme physicality, endearingly strange characters, and commitment to entertain by any means necessary have surprised and delighted audiences across Canada.

The Great Balanzo! – Montreal & Edmonton

A gourmet mix of circus & comedy delivered by a contemporary clown with a old fashioned style.

Written and performed by: Aytahn Ross

The Great Balanzo presents a gourmet mix of circus & comedy that has been seen live by more than 1 million people in 13 countries around the world, He’s the last surviving member of the Royal Balanzos who were exiled from their land hundreds of years ago and traveled the world surviving as circus performers. Now there is only one Balanzo left and he turns the everyday into an adventure with a show that is amazing, silly, and unforgettable. Don’t miss The Great Balanzo!