Festival Artist Panel Discussion

Festival Artist Panel Discussion

Sun Sep 29 12:00pm
90 mins Free

Is the King in the Room?

Who does the art of clowning speak to, and for, in 2019? How do we find authentic connections with an audience, or land the points we want to land, as audiences change and dynamics shift? How is the cultural understanding of clown, red nose or otherwise, changing, and how does that alter the art form’s potency? Explore all of this and more with a panel pulled from Play The Fool’s preeminent clowns and beyond.

Moderated by Paul Blinov, I Don’t Get It podcast.


  • John Turner (Smoot)
  • Michaela Lind (My Birthday)
  • Jesse Buck (BUBKUS)
  • Christine Lesiak (Play the Fool Festival director)

Location: The Backstage Theatre.