Good Morning Darkness

Good Morning Darkness

Edmonton / Amiskwaciwâskahikan
26 mins | 14A Pay what you will, starting at $5 CDN Available online & on-demand Sept 24-Oct 3, 2021

A crackpot comedy written & performed by Adam Keefe

Dramaturgical support from Christine Lesiak


Are you a morning person? If you are, they won’t let me say the list of words I might mutter at that suggestion. But if you’re not, come with me… If you’ve ever wished sudden justice upon intruders to your rest and relaxation (and who hasn’t), this will be your invitation to live vicariously through an ill-tempered and fun-loving tour guide to the wrong side of the bed. 

Content Warnings: Loud noises, cussin’, sex talk

Adam Keefe (He/Him) says “For those of you I haven’t personally ranted upon yet, my name is Adam Keefe, and we’re probably going to find a few chuckles together on this plane crash called Life. I’m a fun-seeking fool with a passion for goofing off and a recreational interest in overthrowing corruption. Maybe you know me from my red-nosed tomfoolery as Rocket? Or perhaps a vacation to madness with my Hunter S Thompson? Either way, I welcome you to Play The Fool for an alchemical transmogrification, from dream to nightmare and back again!”

W: | FB: mr.adam.keefe | IG: Adam.Audacious | T: @AdamAudacious