Inga and the Date

Inga and the Date

Edmonton / Amiskwaciwâskahikan
38 mins | 14A Pay what you will, starting at $5 CDN Available online & on-demand Sept 24-Oct 3, 2021

A red-nose romance written & performed by Kiana Woo

With dramaturgical & directorial support from Christine Lesiak


Feeling fresh and looking for love, Inga finds herself on a date. She’s prepped and preened and ready to fall head over heels, but dates never really go the way you expect them to. And this date might just turn out to be the most peculiar one of all. 

Content warnings: Alludes to sexual activity

Kiana Woo is a Chinese-Canadian actor, mover and creator with a special love for clown, physical theatre, and classical works. Kiana has worked across Canada since graduating from the University of Alberta’s BFA program, spending time in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto. She first began to explore clown as a part of her acting training under the instruction of Mike Kennard and she continues to use clown as an active part of her theatre practice. After performing at Play the Fool in 2017 and 2018 as a duo with collaborator Joel David Taylor, this year she is returning to try her hand at solo clowning in a brand new turn. What draws Kiana to red nose clown is how the performer is able to exaggerate genuine feelings and emotions to create story and comedy. Her style leans into the impulses of the clown to find connection with others. She is excited to be back at Play the Fool to present this brand new piece, and hopes you’ll have some laughs with her along the way!

IG: @kikihybrid | T: @KianaHybrid | FB: Kiana.Woo