The Festival Spectacular Cabaret

The Festival Spectacular Cabaret

Sat Sep 24 9:30pm
90 mins + intermission | Ages 18A $10-$25

Comedy madness where anything can (and does) happen!

You never know what chaos will prevail when over a dozen of our favourite fools take the stage to entertain and amaze. Laugh yourself silly at our late-night shenanigans.

Hosted by Lee Boyes, featuring:

  • Jesus & Pastor Greg (Rebecca Merkley & Adam Keefe)
  • Mark Vetsch & Neil Kuefler
  • Melucine (Jacqueline Russell)
  • June Fukumura
  • Charlie Peters
  • Erin Pettifor
  • Christel Bartelse
  • Hugues Sarra-Bournet
  • Creepy Boys (S.E. Grummet & Sam Kruger)