The Telethon-a-thon

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The Telethon-a-thon

International cast
Calgary Clown Festival
Sat Sep 26 2:00pm
40 mins PG 13 Free Included as part of our Signal Boost program.

The Calgary Clown Society

The Livestream recording:

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The Calgary Clown Society’s 88th annual telethon-a-thon. A fake fundraiser to support future fake fundraisers. After the debacle of the 87th telethon-a-thon The Clown Society vowed to make the 88th even better. Bigger acts, more danger and death defying acts. Well, that was the plan but can this rag-tag group of performers pull together to raise enough money to keep the fundraiser going another year?
Featuring an international cast, with performers from Edmonton, Calgary, U.K., and the U.S.A.
The Telethon-a-thon is not a real fundraiser; viewers should be advised to not send any money or provide any personal information to the telethon-a-thon.