The Wise Fool – a documentary by Geraldine Carr

The Wise Fool – a documentary by Geraldine Carr

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada/Treaty 6 Territory

“[this film makes me] have a crush on myself!”

Jan Henderson
Sat Sep 26 3:00pm
31 min All Ages Free This is a time-restricted screening. Film will NOT be available for on-demand viewing.

Laughing is a Lifetime Achievement

Sooner or later everyone plays the fool. Meet Jan Henderson – director, educator, clown extraordinaire, saving the world one red nose at a time. For over 40 years Jan has led countless students on a magical, inspirational journey to release their inner clown waiting in the wings.  Hear Jan’s story and why she believes clowns emerge when the oft-cruel world needs them most, to entertain and gift their audiences with hope, truth, love and compassion.

Sadly, this event is over.

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