Triple Bill

Triple Bill

Fri Sep 27 7:30pm
Sun Sep 29 2:30pm
60 min 13+ $20/$18 Seniors and Students * Additional $3 Fringe Theatre service fee on all tickets.

Money Fish

Toronto, ON

12 mins

Created by: Hercinia Arts Collective
Performed by: Natalie Parkinson, Alexa Elser & Emily Hughes

Money Fish are a zany acrobatic trio of fish-like synchronized swimmers – on land! Seriously silly, the Money Fish have prepared their world class acrobatic synchro routine for this special presentation.

My Birthday

Brooklyn, NY

25 mins

Created & performed by: Michaela Lind
Directed by: Kendall Cornell

Everybody loves a clown – especially on her birthday. What does a birthday really mean? Every year, every single human being has one, and we each, depending on our ages, cultures, and personalities, relate to it differently. And why is the clown so readily associated with a birthday, invited to help others celebrate? What would happen if this equation were reversed?

One Man’s Trash…

Edmonton, AB

20 mins

Written & performed by: Neil Kuefler, Ben Stevens & Mark Vetsch

Janitors, tasked with cleaning the streets, come across a garbage can filled with discarded props and set pieces from a local theatre. Sifting through the trashed items, they are transformed, each object magically dropping them into a different Shakespearean play. The can will drag these friends through comedy, tragedy, and murder most foul– proving that with a little imagination, one man’s trash is another man’s Measure for Measure.