Play the Fool Original Films

We commissioned (i.e. challenged!) 6 local amiskwaciwâskahikan/Edmonton artists to assemble a team of collaborators and create their own original 2-minute clown/physical comedy short films. This exciting and diverse program features both clown/physical comedy artists who are emerging filmmakers, and filmmakers who explored clowning and physical comedy on film for the first time.

Waiting on Love

Clare Mullen | Canada | 2022 | 2:00 min | General audiences

When our hero discovers a man is proposing to his gal, he tries to help him out by magically producing the ring; disaster quickly ensues.

Lorsque notre héros découvre qu’un homme demande sa copine en mariage, il essaie de l’aider en fabriquant la bague en utilisant la magie; une catastrophe s’ensuit rapidement.

Collaborators: Clare Mullen, Director/Co-writer; Ron Pearson, Talent/Co-writer; Richard Gustavsen, Director of Photography; Erik Mortimer, Composer, Talent, Erin Hutchison & Will Mitchell.


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Clare Mullen

Clare Mullen is an award-winning writer, director and actor in film and theatre. She won Outstanding New Work (2017) for her play Next Sunday at the ADFA One Act Theatre Festival and was funded to develop it into a feature film. Clare’s film Homunculus (1994) was awarded a silver medal at Austria’s Festival of Nations and nominated for an Ampia award. Clare had a short selected for 2020 Play the Fool Festival. In 2020 and 2021 her web-based historical “tours” were featured as part of Historic Edmonton and Doors Open Festival.

About Time

Ian Walker | Canada | 2022 | 2:00 min | General audiences

Using an antique magic lantern projector that can open time portals, Secret agent Cas travels into the past to help women that were written out of history, get the credit they deserve. The butterfly effect leads to present day consequences. 

À l’aide d’un projecteur de lanterne magique antique qui peut ouvrir des portails temporels, l’agent secret Cas voyage dans le passé pour aider les femmes qui ont été effacées de l’histoire et obtenir la reconnaissance qu’elles méritent. L’effet papillon entraîne des conséquences dans l’époque actuelle.

COLLABORATORS: Candace Berlinguette, Talent/co-creator; Laura Raboud, John Evans, Alex Dawkins, Supporting Talent; Dylan Howard, DP Cinematographer; Aaron Macri, Sound Design; October People Productions, Costume, Set and Props


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Ian Walker

Ian Walker finds occasional work in film, photography and projection mediums as cinematographer, photographer and editor. He is a clown/physical comedy performer and a lead creator/performer in the fringe theatre show, “For Science!” He is a sought-after collaborative theatre creator with over 30 years of experience in mechanical automation and structural design. He also specializes in special effects, prop design and building. Ian has workshopped with Jan Henderson, Christine Lesiak, Jef Johnson, Deanna Fleysher and Jon Davison.

Eyes of the Taiga

Zillur Rahman John | Canada | 2022 | 2:00 min | General audiences

The Taiga biome is home to one third of all trees on Earth. A lost businessman hopelessly tries to negotiate with the keepers of the land.

Le biome de la taïga abrite un tiers de tous les arbres sur Terre. Un homme d’affaires perdu tente désespérément de négocier avec les gardiens du territoire.

@JohnZillur #nonverbalarts

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Zillur Rahman John

Solo mime artist, Zillur Rahman John is also a Director, Mime Teacher, Researcher and Author of mime books. He has performed and directed solo and group productions globally at theatre festivals and mimo dramas since 1989. He has written award winning publications on mime and pantomime art, been a local recipient and jury member of the Cultural Diversity in the Arts Award Edmonton (2008-9) and performed in Bartok’s The Miraculous Mandarin produced and presented by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (2015).

From solo black box theatre, Zillur is working one on one with our film director, Shreela Chakrabartty, in his first accelerated film project.

It Fell From Planet B-Boy

iHuman Studios Collective  | Canada | 2022 | 2:00 min | General audiences

Streaming video artist Music Lover Four Two Zero just discovered something out back behind the studio. Robot? Alien life form? Illuminati? What is it? What can we make it do?

L’artiste Amoureuse de la musique quatre deux zéro diffuse des vidéos en continu et vient de découvrir quelque chose derrière le studio. Robot? Forme de vie extraterrestre? Illuminati? Qu’est-ce que c’est? Que pouvons-nous lui faire faire? 

Collaborators: Sean Arceta, Madden Lewis, Enoch Attey, Unkl Stiv, Cassi Atamanenko

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iHuman Studios

iHuman Studios Artist Collective believes that art is the act of expression, not the act of consumption, that all people have the capacity to express themselves, therefore all people are artists and that studios are workspaces. The iHuman Youth Society is trauma-informed guided by harm-reduction philosophies where members transform their experiences into the promotion of self-worth, identity, belonging, and identity through caring, creative, and authentic programming and services. iHuman’s studio developed the iHuman Studios’ TNT playlist on YouTube.

Baby Daddy

Rizwan Mohiuddin | Canada | 2022 | 2:00 min | General audiences

When a single Mom begins dating a young man, she has one sole demand. When will he give her another child?! A simple request, if only he knew how.

Lorsqu’une mère célibataire commence à fréquenter un jeune homme, elle a une seule demande. Quand lui donnera-t-il un autre enfant?! Une simple demande, si seulement il savait comment.

Collaborators: Nicolas Lehmann, Tia Ashley Kushniruk, Alexander Boldt

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Rizwan Mohiuddin

Born in Edmonton, Rizwan Mohiuddin is a University of Alberta graduate. He studied dance at Toy Guns Dance Theatre, acting at Edmonton Citadel Theatre and clowning with Jan Henderson. He performs stand-up in Edmonton’s comedy clubs and won the 2019 YEG to LA Stand Up Comedy Competition. Making independent films since High School, he has screened at The Blue Revue. He was writer/director of a monolith for Mile Zero Dance’s De-Program.


Zsofia Opra-Szabo | Canada | 2022 | 2:00 min | General audiences

An accidently spilled aquarelle makes a cute, strong-willed and sassy puppet girl conscious. As she starts to explore the world around her, the journey begins to re-design herself. Who is in charge: the Artist or the Character? …and the film reel is spinning.

This is a behind the scenes story made with a special visual image exploring the idea of what happens if the Artist plays along and supports the Puppet to create herself.

Un verre d’aquarelle renversé par accident donne vie à une marionnette mignonne, décidée et insolente. Alors qu’elle commence à explorer le monde qui l’entoure, l’expérience commence à se redéfinir. Qui est en charge : l’artiste ou le personnage? … et la bobine de film tourne.

Il s’agit d’une histoire dans les coulisses réalisée avec une image visuelle spéciale explorant ce qui se passe si l’artiste joue le jeu et permet à la marionnette de se créer elle-même. 

Collaborators: Melinda Endre–Petak, Greg Mulyk

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Zsófia Opra Szabó

Originally from Hungary with a degree in theatre design. Her interest crosses boundaries between theatre, film and puppetry. Her stop-motion animation short Sophia, garnered awards at numerous film festivals: Best Animation -The Grand Budapest Film Festival (Hungary, 2019); Best Canadian Short – Atlanta Award (New York, 2018); Best Animation, Screenwriting, Audience Choice – FAVA (Edmonton, 2018); and the Edmonton Film Prize (2018). Zsofia works as an animation filmmaker, theatre designer, crews on film productions, and creates installation art projects.

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