Short Film Contest Screening

More 2-minute foolish films selected by our independent jury for your viewing pleasure!

Views and opinions expressed in Play the Fool Festival Short Film Competition film entries do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Play the Fool Festival, Hit That Jive Productions, or Film Competition Jury members.


Sara Bulloch – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

A young man discovers a remote with odd and unsettling powers.

Co-Created by Sara Bulloch & Luke Whitmore Featuring Sean Guezen, Meghan Kjartanson, Sara Bulloch, & Luke Whitmore | T:@Sara_Bulloch | IG: @sarabullochwpg

eye spy

Diana Kolpak – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sally Siren shares the secret to finding magic in the everyday world.

Featuring Sally Siren written, composed and directed by Diana Kolpak. | FB: @sallysirenblue | IG: @sallysirenblue

Glasses Essential

Mark Gindick – New York, New York, USA

Missing the good old days ? Take a mental break, put on a pair of glasses- transport yourself. | IG: @markgindick

Max is reading

Kvazi & Max – Budapest, Hungary

Max is reading a good book. Kvazi would like to read it as well.

Created by Artur Dangel and Levente Turóczi

FB:KvaziAndMax | T:@MaxKvazi | IG:@kvaziandmax

Mr. Joel Walks Into A Lamppost

Joel Jeske – New York, New York, USA

Mr. Joel walks into a lamppost.

Written, directed, performed, and edited by Joel Jeske. Camera by Emmanuel Jose. | FB: @joel.jeske.1 | IG: @joelpjeske

Mr. Viggs is… the Automaton

Eric Spoeth – St. Paul, Alberta, Canada

Mr. Viggs is a street performer who finds himself robbed by a homeless passerby.

FB: spoeth | T: Spoethman | IG: @espoeth

Out Damn Spot

Iam Coulter – Calgary, Alberta, Canada / Treaty 7 territory

Virginia channels Lady Macbeth while attempting to keep her hands Covid-clean! | FB: iamshakespeareyyc | IG:@virginia_delmonte

Paper Hanky

Kvazi & Max – Budapest, Hungary

Kvazi needs a paper hanky. Max has one. He helps Kvazi although they are connected via internet.

Created by Artur Dangel and Levente Turóczi

FB:KvaziAndMax | T:@MaxKvazi | IG:@kvaziandmax

The Sad Fool

Richard Mason – Sacramento, California, USA

One of the fools just lost their grandmother, and he is very sad.

FB: @thegreatrichybee

Scamp & Shorty’s Successfully Successful Success Summit

Scamp & Shorty – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada / Treaty 6 territory

Submit to this symposium and start successfully succeeding in your unsuccessful life successfully.

Performed & Created by: Emily Smith & Erin Hutchison | Camera Work: Andrew Despres | Editing Consultant: Grace Smith | Background Music:

The Smith Quadruplets

Albert Smith – Oxnard, California, USA

Doctor/Psychiatrist “Mamerto Zafas” presents The Smith Quadruplets, who perform at the asylum. | FB: @albert.smith.1257 | IG:

Two Left Feet

Bailey McCully – Seattle, Washington, USA

Sometimes two feet just aren’t enough.

Music ”Moonglow” by Erroll Garner | IG: @SnaileyBailey |


Wunderbare Katzen (Marvellous Cats)

Calla Wright – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada / Treaty 6 territory

A cat circus. Think Joe Exotic but… smaller.

Creator/Performer: Calla Wright | Makeup/Filming: Maya Wright |Wunderbare Katzen: Orville and Katharine

T: @CallaWright | IG: @callaplaywright